Judas Redux

Revisit. Reconnect. Redefine.

In a courtroom halfway between Heaven and Hell, the case of history‚Äôs most infamous betrayal is getting reopened. The gospel as we know it gets turned on its head as a parade of saints and sinners take the stand. Playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis ("The  Motherf **ker with  the  Hat", "NYPD Blue", "The Sopranos") conjures a world that is equally pious and profane, offering a gritty and hilarious look at free will, destiny, forgiveness and redemption. August 23- September 8th in Chicago IL at Stage 773.

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Documentary DVD: From Page to Stage

In the Summer of 2013 a creative team of University of Michigan Alumni from Chicago, New York, and California assembled to remount a production of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot previously done in 2008. This documentary follows these young actors, designers, and producers as they work to independently create a powerful piece of modern theatre. With never before seen rehearsal footage, cast and production team interviews, and behind the scenes media collected over a six month period, experience Judas Redux from the early conceptual conversations to the closing night strike. Join the Reduxers as they go on a theatrical journey five years in the making. 

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